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Update (12/29/09)

Every time I upload some music to try to share it with everyone it always fucks up. Here's another shot. It's my mp3 collection at the moment, very small, but I got a new computer so I lost all my old stuff.

Acid Witch - Witchtanic Hellucination (2008) - Sick album! Psychedelic sludge mayhem with those twist and turns. Some pretty intense shit. Best way is to drop some acid and listen to this record.

Altar of Giallo - A Bloodfeast For The Dead (2007) - Goregrind/Death Metal from Spain. Very sick album that has deep flow. Love the melody of the whole record, listen to it from start to finish - it's the only way.

Ambient Black - Demo (2009) - Loved this band the moment I heard 'em. They sludge a 16 minute song that'll tear you apart.

Antischism - Discography (1995) - The roots. Crusty, peace punk. Ya' dig?

Asunder - This is a collection of Asunder recordings, both studio and live, and includes a lyrics text document. We all know Asunder, right? They're fuckin' sick, and if you haven't heard them you should download this collection. Download includes: 'A Clarion Call', 'Works Will Come Undone', 'split w/ Like Flies On Flesh', 'split w/ Graves at Sea', and two live recordings - 'Nov. 7, 2008 - The Regent Theatre in Los Angeles' and 'Oct. 31, 2006 - The Elbo Room in San Fransisco'.

Bongzilla - Infamous potsmokers by day/heavy sludge mayhem by night. Bongzilla will rock your fucking world. Download includes: 'Amerijuanican', 'Apogee', 'Gateway', 'Imperious', 'Nuggets', and 'Stash', also two split recordings - 'split w/ Cavity' and 'split w/ Hellchild'.

Carcinogen - Kure Demo (1992) - Members of Dystopia, one of my favorites in this genre. Sick, sick, sick! Download this shit now if you haven't heard it yet. I think this was dubbed from a tape so the quality is 7/10 but you'll enjoy if you like Dystopia.

Carol Ann - This download includes: 'Demo', 'Discography', 'Score to Settle' and a collection of various recordings not so far released. Also has a folder with a bunch of scans from their 7" and tape. Excellent sound quality and scans. Members of Black Hell, so be prepared for some powerviolencesludgeattackfromhell!

Contravene - I really love Contravene, I remember their last show, it was so sick. Download this shit right now, you know you love 'em as much as I do. <3 style="color: rgb(204, 0, 0);">A Call To Action', 'Contravene (s/t)', 'Discography', 'Forever In Struggle', 'Prison Sells', and a 'split w/ Svart Aggression'.

D.I.E. - Demo (2003) - Death Induced Euphoria... Really sick death metal band from Louisiana. Members of Shrum and Flesh Parade are on this recording. Strongly suggest downloading this demo, it's hard to find and you'll enjoy this shit.

Dystopia - What do you want me to say? Download includes: 'Dystopia (s/t)', 'Human = Garbage' and 'The Aftermath'. Listen and learn suckers.

Flesh Parade - This band is nuts. Brutal fucking grindcore from who knows where and I don't care. They're just plain insane. Download includes: 'Hate Life (demo)', 'Kill Whitey (discography)' and 'Meathook (demo)'.

Graves At Sea - SLUDGE POWER! Vocals from the celestial dimension of hell. 'Cirrohsis' & 'Documents of Grief'. [the Asunder download includes a Graves at Sea split]

Grief - Is this the whole Grief collection? Grief, sludgeness, pot, slow... slow... slow... Including members of Disrupt - shit is off the chain. Downloads includes: '...And Man Will Become Hunted', 'Dismal', 'Grief (s/t)', 'Miserably Ever After', 'Torso' and 'Turbulent Times'.

Infinite Monolith of Slavery - Incredible band from the Bay Area in California I believe. Very intense apocolypic doom sludge obssessed with 2012, this is some shit I recommend. Download includes their 'Demo' and some unreleased tracks.

Lachrymose - Demo (1996) - Members of Dystopia and Skaven - this combination creates some intense crusty sludge metal. If you like Dystopia, listen to this shit - I like the bass. :)

Sea of Deprivation - Catharsis in Disharmony (2001) - This is the debut and final release (I once found a live recording but lost it) of what I claim to be one of the best bands to exist. Intense sludge mayhem similar to Dystopia but with much more emotion behind it. This download is a MUST.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Music Upload List (01/25/09)

Here is the music I've been promising everyone I would be putting up here, even though it's taken forever. All the requests I've got I'll upload it all again.

Alliaceous - Alliaceous - download link
Alliaceous - Demo - download link
Antischism - Discography - download link
Asunder - @ The Regent Theatre (11-07-08) - download link
Asunder - A Clarion Call - download link
Axiom - Apathy and Priviledge - download link
Axiom - Establishing A Culture of Resistance - download link
Axiom - Impaled By Chaos - download link
Carcinogen - Kure Demo - download link
Carol Ann (complete discography + scans) - download link
Contravene - A Call To Action - download link
Contravene - Contravene - download link
Contravene - Discography - download link
Contravene - Forever In Struggle - download link
Contravene - Prison Sells - download link
Contravene - Times Of War, Times of Struggle - download link
Contravene & Svart Aggression split - download link
Defiance, Ohio - The Great Depression - download link
Dystopia - 2004 Rehearsal (unreleased song) - download link
Infinite Monolith Of Slavery - Demo - download link
Infinite Monolith Of Slavery - others - download link
Infinite Monolith Of Slavery - "Beyond Conscienceness" video - download link
Lachrymose - Demo - download link
Misanthropic - Open Up And Take Your Bull 7" + Unreleased - download link
Noothgrush - Erode The Person - download link
Noothgrush - Failing Early, Failing Often - download link
Pollution Circus - Destroy Authority... 7" - download link
Sea of Deprivation - Piranha (unreleased)(Live) - download link
Sea of Deprivation - Busy Going Crazy - download link
Sir - (myspace songs) (great acoustic!) - download link
Sir - other songs - download link
Uncle Scams - Square One - download link
Uncle Scams - ...Wants You For The Revolution - download link
Wellington - Discography - download link
Wolves In The Throne Room - Demo '04 - download link
Wolves In The Throne Room - Demo '05 - download link
Wolves In The Throne Room - Diadem of 12 Stars - download link

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I am officially kicked out of my house and am moving somewhere else. As soon as I get everything organized I will be posting more. Leave requests of anything you want while I'm not able to log in.


Friday, December 07, 2007

Dystopia - Live In Seattle

Bootleg recorded copy.

Download? - Click Here (Dystopia - Live In Seattle, WA 11-09-02.zip)

Kakistocracy - ...And So You Spill Your Childrens Blood

Kakistocracy Website

Download? - Click Here (Kakistocracy - ...And So You Spill Your Childrens Blood.zip)

Kakistocracy - (songs from comps.)

Here are some songs Kakistocracy released only on compilation albums.

Download? - Click Here (Kakistocracy - (songs from comps.).zip)

State of Fear (4albums)(req.)

Somebody requested State of Fear... here you go.

Discography Album Review:
It makes sense that Profane Existence would release this as the Minneapolis label was responsible for introducing the world to STATE OF FEAR releasing the band’s first two releases. STATE OF FEAR were a band from Minneapolis that released two eps and an LP within the span of two years. In actuality the band existed between ’94 and 2001 and cranked out some of the most righteous progressive Scandi-thrash to ever hit this side of the pond. Full metal jacket hardcore complete with liberty spikes and self-screened patches. This is the stuff that defines hardcore at the time. STATE OF FEAR sound like a cross between AUS ROTTEN and HIS HERO IS GONE from the bygone era. By today’s standards I would peg them as a cross between BLOOD SPIT NIGHTS and ARTIMUS PYLE. Great raging peace punk with a tinge of moodiness in their sound to give them depth.

State of Fear - Wallow In Squalor
State of Fear - Discography
State of Fear - The Tables Will Turn
State of Fear - State of Fear
State of Fear - Live In Monterrey 1997

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dystopia - Backstabber 7''

Download? - Click Here (Dystopia - Backstabber 7''.zip)

Dystopia - Live on KFJC '96

live recording.

Download? - Click Here (Dystopia - Live on KFJC '96.zip)

Dystopia & Grief split


1. Sleep


2. Lifeless
3. Fucked Upstairs

Download? - Click Here (Dystopia & Grief (split).zip)


I will be adding new stuff shorty. Sorry about not having updated this site, my computer charger was messed up, but the warranty covered it and I got a new charger in like 2 days. =]

Friday, November 30, 2007

Kakistocracy - Tour CD 2003

i haven't found any info on this album...

Download - Click Here (Kakistocracy - Tour CD 2003.zip)

Russia Bombs Finland Comp.

Russia Bombs Finland comp came out on Propaganda in 1982 (Pro-005)
and featured two to five tracks each by the Bastards, Antikeho, Kaaos, Nato,
Terveet Kadet, Riistetyt, 013, Maho Neistyt, Appendix, Sekunda, and Dachau.
How can you go wrong with a line up like that. I'm told this was recently
released on CD as well. “

“Hardcore really took off in Finland in the early 80's. It was first brought to most Americans attention by this magazine and the Welcome to 1984 compilation. To Americans the best known Finnish hardcore bands are probably the ones who appeared on this comp. Rattus and Terveet Kadet, but there are tons of other great HC bands from Finland from the 80-84 period that never really got much exposure outside of Finland. Most well known are Appendix, Riistetyt, Lama, Varaus, the Bastards, Kaaos, Tampere SS, Kansan Uutiset, and Kohu 63 but there were tons more. The most prolific hardcore label of the period was Propaganda records. Propaganda licensed its catalogue to the German label Rock O Rama.” -MRR/HAVOC

Download? - Click Here (Russia Bombs Finland Compilation.zip)

Riistetyt (9Albums)(req.)

somebody requested Riistetyt, so heres some albums by them.

Riistetyt was originally named Cadgers. It was formed in end of 70's. In 81 (in fall of the year) they made a split with Kaaos (PTEP 01). Line-up was Lateri - voc., Perry - gtr., Piise - b. and Stydy - dr. In spring of 1982 Perry left the Cadgers and formed a band called Järjestyshäiriö (they did one great demo-tape, on vocals was Kake from Kaaos). Raipe replace Perry in guitar and so band became Riistetyt. "Laki ja järjestys" -ep (PTEP 03) came out in summer of 82. In fall of that year Piise left the Riistetyt (he was only 15 years old and he had something else) and Perry came back. The line-up: Lateri - voc., Perry - gtr., Raipe - b., Stydy - dr. They made the lp. "Valtion Vankina" (PRO 006), which came out in January 83. Then Raipe left and Piise came back to play bass. Next record was "Skitsofrenia" (PRO 018) 12" ep. It came out in spring of 1983. In that summer the line-up changed again, Piise and Stydy left on this time. New drummer and bass player was found from Kaaos, Jaska and me (Nappi). We were so fucking bored with Jakke. In October we made "Tuomiopäivä" (KILL 02) -ep, which came out until 1991 (I don't know the reason for this). A month later we did the studiosection for "Nightmares in Darkness" (RRR 34), it came out in next year. The live side on that album was recorded at Puntala festivals 83. After we were in studio Perry went to army and we had any guitarist. On that time we had the first Holy Dolls -project with Lateri. In December came Rike from Bastards to play guitar. He was very active to take care of gigs and other things of band but money was the only reason why he did all that. It became clear to me little bit later. Our Holy Dolls -project ispired him to form the Pyhät Nuket to addition for Riistetyt. We did with Riistetyt further one record "Raiskattu Tulevaisuus - Raped Future" (RRR 44). It came out later 1984, much more later than I left the band. On covers of that album they only thanked me for playing bass on that record. Ok that tells something about athmosphere in those days. I didn't get along with Rike, 'cos I noticed what kind of asshole he was. I left the band in April 84 and I formed the Kuolleet Kukat with Jakke. Riistetyt went to touring in USA in summer of that year. They had Make and Mika from TampereSS in guitar and bass there. I've heard that the music was only partically Riistetyt stuff in USA. Later they left Riistetyt completely and concentrated to Pyhät Nuket.

We restarted the band for the funeral of Lepakko in Nov. 1999 (Lepakko was legendary gigplace in Helsinki which was originally squated in 1979 and demolished by the Nokia in 1999). The line-up was Lazze-voc, Rike-guitar, Timo-drums and me-bass. In the beginning of 2000 we put Rike away, 'cos he came so bossy (actually he was same kind of asshole like in 80's) and we others didn't get along with him. Now we tried with two guitarists, Raimo and Vege. With that line-up we made an EP. "Tervetuloa Kuolema" (FIGHT 030) and little bit later Timo and Raimo moved away from the band. Perttu came to drums in Jan. 2001 and since that we've played with current line-up. Now we have made one LP "Kuka Valehtelee" (FIGHT036 / UDS 002) and 10" "Orjat Ja Kurjat" (FIGHT043) We've also toured several times in Europe and Brazil.

Riistetyt - 1983-1984
Riistetyt - As A Prisoner Of State
Riistetyt - Demo '82
Riistetyt - Laki Ja Jarjestys 7''
Riistetyt - Raped Future
Riistetyt - Skitsofrenia
Riistetyt - Tervetuloa Kuolema
Riistetyt - Unknown 7''
Riistetyt - Valtion Vankina

Kakistocracy - Cast Aside Your Chains And Dance

After several EP and split releases and two US tours, Ashville, NC’s KAKISTOCRACY’s brand of anarcho-punk has matured into the powerful and complex sound represented by their first full-length release. A limited run of 300 copies were available for their 2004 US tour, but complications prevented a full pressing until now. Those lucky few who have heard the tour edition copies, will soon be joined by those up until now uninitiated in their appreciation for how original and fresh sounding this band is. KAKISTOCRACY have just completed recording for a split album with CHRONICLE A/D (ex-ANTI-SCHISM, INITIAL STATE, etc.), also to be released on Profane Existence Records. There is also talk of an impending tour with Sweden’s TO WHAT END? More later...

Download? - Click Here (Kakistocracy - Cast Aside Your Chains And Dance.zip)

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